Weary Moms, Take Rest (Avoid Burn-out Now)

What do you do when you are run down? Even after resting? You feel like you are on the verge of burning out.  Believe me, I’ve been there before.  I’m not writing this blog because my life is perfect and I have all the answers. I’m on a journey with the rest of you, to take the time to relax and take care of myself as well.

weary mom

There are seasons of our lives that are just very tiring for us mommas. Newborn stage definitely comes to mind. For me, the school age years are very busy. My daughter is involved in dance and there are normal school activities as well. I work full-time and am now trying to start a business. Some may say that now is not the time to start a business, but if not now, when? I will always feel too busy to take on anything extra. So instead I try to take care of myself. I fit in 5 minutes here and there.

Sometimes it’s okay to put aside your to-do and get a little extra sleep. Last night was a busy night with us not getting home until 8pm. Once me and my daughter went through her bedtime routine and she finally fell asleep I had a decision to make. Get more stuff done or go to sleep? Last night I chose the sleep. It was much-needed. I am still tired today but am able to carry out more today because of the extra rest.

Some days I will take a bath. Not to get clean but to relax. Add some lavender bath salts and light a candle and you have created a spa like experience. Give yourself permission to take 15 minutes for yourself. A nice, warm bath will also help you sleep better. If I need to relax and don’t want to take a bath, a quick shower will help too.

Guilt – A Four Letter Word

If you feel guilty because the house is a disaster, evaluate the mess and figure out what you can do in 10 minutes. Take that 10 minutes to tidy up and then allow yourself to relax.  But please don’t let guilt get in the way of taking care of yourself.  The house is going to be a disaster for the next 18 years plus.  Your kids want a calm and happy mommy.  If you are constantly stressed and overwhelmed, they will know.

Your Little Angels

What about the kids? What if they are all over you and won’t allow a moment of rest? Try to read them a book. It will at least let you sit dork for a couple of minutes and will hopefully calm them down a bit. Reading is wonderful no matter what time of day. It is a very nice break between the active parts of the day.

Please mommas, get some rest before you completely burn out.  I’ve been there before and it is a horrible feeling.  Absolutely nothing would help.  I didn’t want to do anything at all.  It seemed like I could sleep all weekend and not feel a bit rested.  I had to purposefully and mindfully rest. Please don’t sleep away your entire life and expect it all to go away.  I made sure I got 8 hours of sleep a night.  I started drinking more water and taking a multi-vitamin.  You can try adding in a bit of exercise.  Or just go walk the dog with the kids.  The fresh air and the exercise will make you feel better.  Take just five minutes a day for yourself and I promise it’ll do a world of good for you and your kids.


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I Can’t Wait for Fall – What’s Your Favorite Part?

Let me tell you how excited I am that fall is coming! It is my absolute favorite season! It takes relaxation to the max! To me there are so many relaxing things about fall.

I Can't Wait for Fall
What is your favorite fall activity?

This article Ways to Embrace the Season is a little bit older but has some great ideas for relaxing during the fall season. My favorites are:

  • Taking a drive to enjoy the beautiful scenery – the street leading to my parent’s house is perfect for this!  I love all the magnificent colors of the leaves.
  • Go to a pumpkin patch – this is a must do!  Then you complete your fun day by going home to carve your pumpkins and roast the pumpkin seeds!  Yum!

What are your favorite things to do during the autumn season?

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Stressed Out Momma?

Farmhouse Relaxing stressed mom

Are you stressed and overwhelmed?  I know I am most of the time!  That is one reason why I started this blog.  I really want to help moms like me take time for themselves.  Most of the time I will be sharing tips on how to relax but I also like to share other content that you may enjoy.  Let me know how you like these articles and also if there is any topic that you would like me to write on.

New Study Says Moms Are More Stressed While Dads Have More Fun

I don’t know if dads would agree, but it’s definitely worth a read.

Stressed out Mom Saved by Generous Parking Lot Grandma

This is just the sweetest story!

Mom Sees Stressful Day Through Eyes of Toddler Who Thought It Magical

I love this article because really helps put everything in perspective.

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So mommas, what do you think?  Do you think there is a way to change the script and stop being a stressed out mama or do you think this is just how it is?  I would love to hear your opinions on this.

5 Ways to Relax Before Bed

Everyone, moms especially, deserve a chance to relax before falling down in bed after a busy and exhausting day!  Whether one kid or five kids, it seems like there is never enough time.  That being said, taking care of yourself is so important!  How can we be happy moms when we are constantly stressed and overwhelmed.  So below are five ideas that take little time and money to help you relax and unwind.

Farmhouse Relaxing flower


  1. Take a bath – this is my favorite way to relax! Add some lavender bath salts and light a candle and it’ll melt my worries away. I will be introducing my homemade lavender bath salts very soon so please look for an announcement on that!  If you can think of any other varieties you would be interested in please contact me!Farmhouse Relaxing bath

  2. Read a book – I didn’t read as much when my daughter was young but have recently started enjoying it again. I love reading happy romance novels. I am such a sucker for fairy tale endings!  I typically have quite a few books next to me on the couch.  I go between fiction books and topics I have researched.Farmhouse Relaxing reading

  3. Drink a glass of wine – my favorite is pink moscato. I don’t drink it very often so when I do it feels like a special occasion.  You can get very tasty bottles of wine for less than $10.  Pick them up while on sale and save them for a day when you really need to unwind.Farmhouse Relaxing wine

  4. Meditate – this is something that I would like to explore more. It is so hard to quiet my mind. It is always racing with a millions thoughts – I am a mom after all! Even two minutes of sitting in complete silence would probably help to relax me.Farmhouse Relaxing meditate

  5. Get a quick massage – if you have a significant other this is really easy. Take turns or offer to do some chore for your significant other for just a little massage. I love to get my head rubbed. It almost relaxes me just as much as a back rub.Farmhouse Relaxing Massage

Sometimes I like to combine different ways of relaxing, like drinking a glass of wine while reading or taking a bath while reading, but whatever is easiest for you is what I want you to do.  Try to implement two of these ideas this week and see how it makes you feel.

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Can you think of any others that we can add to the list? Comment below.

Coming Soon – Just in Time for Fall

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I can’t wait to keep you updated on my progress and to release the new scrub next month!

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Garden Bounty


To me gardening is two fold. It is both relaxing and lots of hard work. I love seeing what a little bit of effort produces for you. We started our garden a little late this year since we just moved into our first home in the middle of May. Our plants have blossomed but I wasn’t sure if they were going to yield any produce. Today I went to go water them and found this huge zucchini! We also picked the green pepper. We were waiting because we thought it was going to turn yellow (we thought we had bought that variety) but apparently this is what we have. We also have a few cherry tomatoes that are growing as well. I love fresh tomatoes probably more than anything in the world!

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Comment below and let me know what you are growing in your garden.

Relaxing: Weekend Vibes

Do you think of the weekend as a to do list without even a second to breathe or do you treat it like a chance to recharge your batteries? Relaxing is so important!


Getting stuff done is important of course, we all have grown up responsibilities, but at the same time many of us need to slow down. I urge you to find something you enjoy this weekend and spend a few minutes doing it. If it’s not too hot, I may relax in my hammock for a bit or maybe take a hot relaxing bath. Who knows? But I will definitely take some time off so I am ready for the coming week!


I would also love to hear how you, as a busy mom relaxes.  I am always looking for more easy ways to add relaxation to my busy days!

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My Little Piece of Heaven


This is my happy place in my back yard. Especially when the sun starts to set and the air cools. I can see our whole big backyard lit up with fireflies and stare up into the sky.


Mamas, I hope you have a place like this in your backyard to relax. When I bought a house earlier this year this is what I wanted to add to our space. Even if I only get to lay there for 5 minutes before my daughter jumps in with me, it’s still 5 minutes to clear my mind before moving on to the next thing.


Take the time to find that one thing that helps you relax and recharge your batteries. And then add it to your calendar for this week.

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Welcome to Farmhouse Relaxing!

Welcome to my blog, Farmhouse Relaxing!  I am so happy to have you here!  My name is Jessica and I know how crazy busy we as mamas can get.  My goal is to help you to feel relaxed and refreshed even if you only have 5 minutes to spare a day.  Think you don’t even have 5 minutes?  I promise you, if you make a little time for yourself, it’ll help you to become an even better mother and all around woman.  I encourage you to grab a sweet tea or hot coffee, and sit down and stay awhile!  I can’t wait to help you relax!

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Check out my Homemade Lavender Bath Salts to get started on relaxing today!