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Sunday Night Thoughts

Sunday Night Thoughts!  Take some time to gear up for the upcoming week!   Want more tips?  Get my FREE tips to relaxing here! Check out my Homemade Lavender Bath Salts to get started on relaxing today!

Weekend projects

Garden Bounty

  To me gardening is two fold. It is both relaxing and lots of hard work. I love seeing what a little bit of effort produces for you. We started our garden a little late this year since we just moved into our first home in the middle of May. Our plants have blossomed but… Read More Garden Bounty

5 minute ideas

Weekend Vibes

Do you think of the weekend as a to do list without even a second to breathe or do you treat it like a chance to recharge your batteries? Getting stuff done is important of course, we all have grown up responsibilities, but at the same time many of us need to slow down. I… Read More Weekend Vibes