Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub – It’s Here!

It’s Here!  Oh my goodness!  I’ve waited so long to introduce you to my homemade vanilla pumpkin spice sugar scrub!  I hope you will love it just as much as me!  It smells so yummy and will make your skin feel absolutely amazing!  What an amazing way to relax during fall and the holiday season!  This body scrub is the best hostess gift ever!  What hostess wouldn’t love her very own vanilla pumpkin spice sugar scrub?  It smells just like your favorite pumpkin spice latte and mama’s pumpkin pie?  I’m licking my lips right now!

Order my Homemade Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub Now!

Let me know if you have any questions!  If you order the body scrub in the next week you’ll get 15% off!  Just mention coupon code BLOG15!

Homemade Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub

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Here Tomorrow – Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub

Hey everyone!  I am so excited to finally be releasing my brand new Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub.  I’m releasing it just in time for fall!  It is available starting at 9AM tomorrow morning, Friday, September 22, 2017.  I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that since my readers here didn’t get a chance to participate in the Facebook poll deciding on the new product I would offer a coupon to them.

vanilla pumpkin spice body scrub

So if you order my brand new Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub in the NEXT WEEK, you will get $5 OFF!!!!! WOW!!!!  Just use coupon code FACEBOOKPOLL.

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I am so excited for you to try my new product!  I have worked so hard on it this past month!  It’s a mix between your favorite pumpkin spice latte and your mama’s best pumpkin pie! It is the perfect way to relax during the upcoming busy holiday season.  With Thanksgiving coming up, it will also make the perfect hostess gift!  Get one for you and your favorite hostess!  Now’s the time!  It is available in two different containers: an eco-friendly glass mason jar and also a kid-friendy plastic jar.  Take your pick!

Enjoy y’all!

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Check Out Your New Best Friend – Mommy Mailbox!

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Oh my goodness!  I am so excited to introduce you to Mommy Mailbox!  Subscription boxes are super trendy now so we as moms need one that caters directly at us, right?  Mommy Mailbox is a subscription box that curated by a different guest blogger every month.  It is so awesome because it is a variety of items and since every month a different guest blogger curates the box, you won’t get duplicates every month.  No more getting 10 different lip lines in slightly different shades! I’ve tried so many different subscription boxes and am growing tired of getting super similar items every month.  I like that this box is catered to moms and it is a mix of fashion, gourmet, fitness, home decor, etc.  It is super affordable at $33.95 and easily retails at 2-3 times that.


A Treat For Mom


Not only does Mommy Mailbox have a great subscription box service, they also have a blog!  Check out their latest post on Motherhood here.

As a busy mom, I don’t get a lot of time to shop for myself.  I also don’t spend a lot of money on myself because the majority of it is spent on bills, my kid and my house.  It’s so nice to have someone else pick out great items for me and mail them directly to me!  Busy moms dream!

The August box was super cute and full of bright colors and fun items!  Go check it out here .I really hope that you will check out Mommy Mailbox.  You deserve it!

Let me know below what your favorite subscription boxes are!

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GIVEAWAY – Limited Edition Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub

Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub Giveaway

I am so excited to offer my first ever giveaway!  I am giving away a FREE Limited Edition Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub!  My brand new product that isn’t even going to be offered until Friday, September 22, 2017.  Very appropriate for the first day of fall, right?  Everyone loves pumpkin spice, don’t they? #pumpkinspiceiseverywhere

The giveaway is going on until Wednesday, September 20th at 9PM EST.  Go here to enter the giveaway!  Good Luck!

Music for Relaxation

Music for Relaxation.  Music is one of my favorite ways to relax. I have always loved music. I remember when I was a teenager one of the things I missed most about summer was that I couldn’t listen to music whenever I wanted. It can definitely be used to enhance your mood and relaxing is no different. Check out some of the playlists below to see if one of them fits for you!

Relaxed Playlist

Mellow Playlist

Jazz Playlist

Chill Vibe Playlist

Country Kind of Love Playlist

Hanging Out and Relaxing Playlist

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Do You Need a Time-Out? Kids Driving You Crazy

Do you ever have those days and nights when your kids are driving you crazy? Believe me, I do too.  In fact, I was having one of those nights tonight.  My daughter is struggling with having a room upstairs in our new home and it’s a nightly battle.  Most nights she just falls asleep while I’m sitting up there but tonight she was fighting it with everything she had.  I think she is having some fears of being upstairs but part of it is a power struggle as well.  She cries hysterically and I yell and on it goes. So I give myself a time-out instead of giving her one.

mommy timeout

I always thought that I would be a calm mom.  But I’m not.  My daughter is just like me so she knows just what buttons to push.  Some intentional and some not.  Especially when we are both tired and she is whining, I just lose my cool.  So what do I do?  I let her know that mommy needs a time-out.  I need to step away from the situation and regain my composure.  I’ve tried to teach my daughter that it is best for the both of us if I walk away for a few minutes so I can calm down.  I’m hoping that it will help teach her how to regulate her emotions eventually.  We are both incredibly emotional girls and I know that she feeds off of my emotions.

Some days she understands that I need a few minutes and we both calm down and talk about what happened.  Other times, like tonight, she is already very upset and it doesn’t work as well.  I lost my cool tonight and I hated it but tomorrow we will start again.  I always let her know that even if I am mad, I love her very much and nothing will ever change that.

This post is very hard for me to write because it leaves me vulnerable.  It’s so easy to portray our lives as perfect on social media but I aim to help other mothers.  So to help other moms, I will let you into my life and show you my imperfections as a mother.

So please know that if your kids are driving you crazy that you are not a failure as a mother.  It happens.  Just give yourself a time-out and come back as a more peaceful mom.  I promise you it will help.

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NECTAR Sleep Mattress – 365 Night Trial

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One of the biggest ways to take care of yourself is to make sure that you are getting a proper amount of sleep each night.  It is really hard to get a good sleep if you are sleeping on a bad mattress.  NECTAR Sleep Mattress to the rescue!  Oh my goodness this mattress is straight bliss!  Plus you get 365 days to test it out!  I bet you the big box stores would never let you do that right? They also offer you FREE shipping and returns! Wow! I mean seriously, who does that?  They have a forever warranty which is great!  A mattress is supposed to last a long time so a 1 year warranty wouldn’t do much would it?

Best Bed Under $1000
When shopping for a mattress, you are looking for comfort and support right?  This mattress has it.  The website has comparisons on all the top brands.  Check out the links below to learn all about NECTAR Sleep: The Most Comfortable Mattress.

Tell me more about NECTAR mattress

The NECTAR Bed Reviews

365 Night Sleep Trial

Shop a better mattress for the best price

I really hope you will check out this mattress for yourself.  I think it will really make a difference in your life.  Self-care is so important and it starts with getting a good nights sleep!

Interested?  Click here for $100 off!

Best Bed Under $1000

Aromatherapy for Relaxation

I am all about learning new things!  Aromatherapy has been one thing that I have wanted to learn more about.  Scent is such a big part of relaxation for me.  It’s one reason I created my lavender body scrubs and lavender bath salts!  Lavender is one of my favorite scents when it comes to relaxation.  I also use a diffuser occasionally at night-time to help me sleep.  And recently I have started getting the little roller ball essential oil bottles.  They just give me a little boost and you can buy them in many different scents.

Farmhouse Relaxing Aromatherapy and Relaxation

This article from Blossom and Blends is great to start learning about aromatherapy.  It is definitely something you want to research.  Essential Oils can have consequences just like anything else.

If you are interested in reading a book about aromatherapy, check out The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, Revised and Expanded: Over 800 Natural, Nontoxic, and Fragrant Recipes to Create Health, Beauty, and Safe Home and Work Environments.


Next, if you have children with ADHD or you have it yourself, this article could be helpful.  I don’t know much about aromatherapy when it comes to anything but relaxation but it is definitely worth looking into.

Finally, if you are looking for a company to get essential oils from, I’ve heard great things about doTERRA.  They also have a blog to teach you about using them as well.

Diffusers are amazing to use!  I have one in my bedroom that I use with lavender essential oils.  It really helps to relax me before bed.  There are so many different types out there.  Check out this one below from Amazon!


Let me know what you think about these articles and if you are going to try to add aromatherapy into your relaxation routine!

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