Do You Need a Time-Out? Kids Driving You Crazy

Do you ever have those days and nights when your kids are driving you crazy? Believe me, I do too.  In fact, I was having one of those nights tonight.  My daughter is struggling with having a room upstairs in our new home and it’s a nightly battle.  Most nights she just falls asleep while I’m sitting up there but tonight she was fighting it with everything she had.  I think she is having some fears of being upstairs but part of it is a power struggle as well.  She cries hysterically and I yell and on it goes. So I give myself a time-out instead of giving her one.

mommy timeout

I always thought that I would be a calm mom.  But I’m not.  My daughter is just like me so she knows just what buttons to push.  Some intentional and some not.  Especially when we are both tired and she is whining, I just lose my cool.  So what do I do?  I let her know that mommy needs a time-out.  I need to step away from the situation and regain my composure.  I’ve tried to teach my daughter that it is best for the both of us if I walk away for a few minutes so I can calm down.  I’m hoping that it will help teach her how to regulate her emotions eventually.  We are both incredibly emotional girls and I know that she feeds off of my emotions.

Some days she understands that I need a few minutes and we both calm down and talk about what happened.  Other times, like tonight, she is already very upset and it doesn’t work as well.  I lost my cool tonight and I hated it but tomorrow we will start again.  I always let her know that even if I am mad, I love her very much and nothing will ever change that.

This post is very hard for me to write because it leaves me vulnerable.  It’s so easy to portray our lives as perfect on social media but I aim to help other mothers.  So to help other moms, I will let you into my life and show you my imperfections as a mother.

So please know that if your kids are driving you crazy that you are not a failure as a mother.  It happens.  Just give yourself a time-out and come back as a more peaceful mom.  I promise you it will help.

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6 thoughts on “Do You Need a Time-Out? Kids Driving You Crazy

  1. I totally need a time-out right now! My daughter is 18 months old right now and we are teething, going through sleep regression and she is testing me every chance she gets! Thanks for the reminder that I am not alone!

  2. Oh this is so true. I have the craziest kids and I want to pull out my hair sometimes – it’s so good to be able to show the world that this is real life!

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