Journal Prompts for Busy Moms

Life is so incredibly busy right now. It feels like you never get a spare moment to yourself. I know I personally feel like there are a million things running through my mind at any given time. One way to help this is to journal. You may be thinking of your secret diary during your teenage years but it can be much simpler. It is just a space for your thoughts to flow freely. Some of you may have no problem writing everyday, whatever is going on in your life. Hopefully it helps ease all the burdens on your mind. Others of us may think of this as another chore. You want me to add one more thing to my to-do list? Yeah right! I promise you it shouldn’t feel like something you have to do. I want you to consider this as a way to take care of yourself. To sit still for five minutes and breathe. I want you to focus on you and your thoughts.

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What should I write? This is what you are probably asking right now. There are millions of topics that you can explore with this. Some of you may like to do the same thing every week and others may want to do something different each day. You can also write whatever is at the top of your mind that day or plan it out in advance. The following are three topics to get you started.

  1. High/low for the week – we do this at our weekly staff meeting and I know a lot of families do this during dinner daily. Sometimes I don’t feel like I can be truly honest when it comes to this. At work, my low may be something going on there and I don’t want to complain in front of my boss. Maybe at home your husband is really getting on your nerves or your kids are really stressing you out. Doesn’t sound like bonding to me, does it? In your journal you can be 100% honest to what you are feeling.
  2. 3 things you are grateful for – This is a journal prompt that I think everyone should write on at least once. There is so much complaining and negativity in this world. It helps so much to focus on the good, even if it is just for five minutes. I’ve seen on Facebook how some people will do this for an entire month and I always am fascinated by what they write. It is so interesting to see what everyone is grateful for. Really dig deep on this. Some days it may just be that you woke up (which is a pretty amazing thing to be grateful for) but that may be the only thing.
  3. What one thing would you like to work on for the rest of this year – goals are an amazing thing and a good way to stay focused. It doesn’t need to be like a New Year’s Resolution or anything like that. But putting it on paper makes it more concrete. Maybe you can come back to it each week to check in or maybe you will just leave it as it is. This is your journal and it’s to help you in whatever way you need it to.

I think it would be amazing if you could journal every single day. Do I journal every day? No I do not but I would love to get started with it. I have journaled during some really hard transitions in my life and honestly it made all the difference. I think if you add this to your self care routine it will really help you. Even if you only write for five minutes a night, I know it will make a difference.

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When you decide to journal doesn’t make a difference. Some moms may love to get up before everyone else in the morning and write. It will clear their minds and help start their day off right. Other moms will use it as a way to wind down and summarize the day. It will help them sleep better once they get their thoughts out on paper.

Let me know whether or not you journal and what are your favorite prompts.

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6 thoughts on “Journal Prompts for Busy Moms

  1. I definitely journal more at night, I’m very foggy and sluggish in the mornings. I mainly write observations from the day, what I could have done differently and what my goals are for the next day. I’m trying to write down memories of my kids as well which is hard to keep up with every day but I’m trying!

    1. That’s a great idea! I would like to start doing that too. My daughter is seven and we have so many great memories. I’ll always remember the big ones but the everyday stuff I’m likely to forget.

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