Exfoliating: 3 Reasons To Try It Today!

If you are anything like me, you know that you need to take time for yourself.  One of my favorite ways to pamper myself is by exfoliating my skin using a body scrub.  It seems like women are finally taking time for themselves and getting a spa experience at home!  Fantastic for those of us that can’t afford a spa day once a month!  Body scrubs consist of an abrasive substance and some type of oil.  They can be super elaborate or very simple.  My favorite type of body scrubs are sugar scrubs!  The cane sugar is a great consistency that isn’t too rough on your skin.  The following are some benefits of exfoliating and using a body scrub in your weekly routine.

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  1. Relaxing – my favorite body scrubs also include essential oils in them that way I can get a relaxing experience while I’m scrubbing my skin.  One of my favorite essential oil is lavender.  It is one of the most relaxing smells on Earth to me.  I buy as much as I can with a lavender scent. Everybody deserves to relax but I feel like most moms are overwhelmed and stressed out.  I feel like taking just five minutes to themselves will help.
  2. Smoother Skin – you can use a body scrub all over your body.  The sugar scrubs away dead skin cells and the oil moisturizes your skin, leaving it silky and smooth to the touch.  I like to use a nice moisturizer afterwards to extend the smooth feeling.
  3. Closest Shave Ever – I recently discovered that if I use my body scrub prior to shaving that I can get a closer shave than normal since it is getting rid of the dead skin cells.  I also don’t need to use as much shaving cream since it already lubricates my legs.

I have some amazing body scrubs in my Etsy shop that will help you to achieve the ultimate spa day!  Currently I have lavender sugar scrub and vanilla pumpkin spice sugar scrub!  I am also working on a peppermint sugar scrub that will make the perfect Christmas gift! What do you feel like you really deserve?  Do something for yourself today and check out my Etsy shop!

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