Product Spotlight – Eucalyptus Bath Salts

Product Spotlight – Eucalyptus Bath Salts

I want to start a new feature where I showcase my products from my Etsy shop and let you know about the benefits and features. Just this week I added a new product, my Eucalyptus Bath Salts.

Eucalyptus Bath Salts


I’m not sure if you know very much about bath salts but they are absolutely amazing when it comes to self care. My bath salts include epsom salts, essential oils and a touch of natural food coloring to make them look pretty ♥ Epsom salts are known for relaxing the body and relieving pain and muscle cramps. After a long day on your feet, nothing is better than getting in a hot bath with some epsom salts. Adding essential oils only enhances your experience. You can tailor your self care time by using different bath salts. Eucalyptus essential oils are amazing when you have a cough or congestion. The oil helps to promote feelings of open airways and clear breathing. It along with the epsom salts can help lessen the feelings of tension. Sounds like a great way to relax whether you have a cold or not, right? My Eucalyptus Bath Salts are perfect for the winter months when it feels like there is constantly a cold or virus going around.

eucalyptus bath salts

Give yourself the gift of relaxation today: Eucalyptus Bath Salts.

Complement your purchase with Eucalyptus Body Scrub!

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Are You Last on the List?

Are You Last on the List?

When was the last time taking care of yourself or doing something just for fun made it to the top of your to do list? If your answer is a “long time ago” or “can’t remember” or even “never,” you’re not alone.

self care, last on list, me time, mommy time

From the time we were children, many of us were taught “don’t be selfish” and “think of others.” We may have learned these lessons a little too well. Most of us spend all the hours of our day taking care of others, completing the to-do list, fulfilling obligations, and doing what we “should” do. Taking care of ourselves is last on the list – if it’s on the list at all.

The truth is this doesn’t work! If you ignore your own needs long enough you’re likely to become drained, dissatisfied, exhausted, and maybe even resentful. When you’re not refilling your own personal tank, it becomes increasingly difficult to give to others. Without recharging you won’t have the energy to be your best self at home or in the world.

Put Yourself First

Many of my clients come to me with empty tanks. While they may be searching for what is next in their lives or how to make a difference in the world, they often need to start with self-care. Only after refueling and recharging themselves are they fully ready to create their vision for a deeply satisfying future.

Remember how on an airplane you’re told to put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then help others? In the event of an emergency on the plane, you must be both present and alive to assist and truly be of service to others. You must take care of yourself first. The same is true in all aspects of our lives.

meditation, self care, me time, mommy time

If you want to be a happier person, a better spouse, a great parent . . . if you want to be a good employee, manager or friend . . . if you want to do what you’re called to do, what your purpose in life is . . . whatever it is you want to do with your life, begin with yourself. When you make choices that nourish you and fill you up, you’ll naturally be more generous with your time, energy, and resources. And you’ll be more able to create a life you love. This is healthy selfishness.

Make the Most of Your Self-Care

If this idea makes sense to you your next question might be “What do I do to take care of myself?” There are a lot of “shoulds” in the area of self-care – exercise, eat healthy, meditate. The list can be long. All of these would be good for us, so the question often is “Where to start?”

I recommend a different approach to self-care. To get the most impact and the best refueling from your self-care time, do something that “lights you up;” choose an activity that energizes, delights, soothes, or nurtures you. My clients’ “lights on” activities have included getting a massage, singing karaoke, reading trash magazines, having dinner with friends, practicing yoga, taking a ten minute walk in nature, and planning a vacation to a favorite place. The list is endless and different for each person.

self care, me time, mommy time

What is it for you? Take a moment to visualize some things you love to do. Perhaps those things you never make time to enjoy. Get these ideas out of your head and onto paper. Better yet, add some of these to the top – yes, the top – of your to-do list. And then do some of them! Notice how your energy increases when you take a little bit of time to do something just for yourself, something that lights you up.

So go ahead- be selfish now and then. Put yourself at the top of your to do list. Healthy selfishness just may be the best thing you can do for yourself, the people around you, and the world.

Check out this blog post for some self care tips!

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Mommy Daughter Time: Making Lip Balms

Mommy daughter time is so important!

mommy daughter time

I love spending time with my daughter but unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way! We actually spent a lot of time together today! We checked out a great market in downtown Cincinnati and Findlay Market for her first time! Then we got into her Christmas presents. Check out the video below of us making lip balm! I hope you like it!


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#DoingAllTheThings? Not This Christmas!

So are you ones of those moms? #DoingAllTheThings? I feel you! I’ve been there before. I’ve tried to stuff every imaginable activity into the Christmas season and before New Years I am completely burnt out! Try something different this year!

#doingallthethings, self care, christmas time, family time, enjoy yourself, busy moms


I want to give you 3 tips that will help you enjoy Christmas without the hustle and bustle. Promise you and your family that you will take time to breathe and truly enjoy this season!

  1. Pick 3 must do activities!

    1. I promise you that it will be okay if you don’t attend every Christmas parade, Christmas tree lighting and Christmas play! In an effort to make sure that families have a multitude of choices during the Christmas season, we now feel like we have to participate in all the activities! Please do not feel guilty when you don’t. It creates way too much pressure and busyness. Talk with your family and see what’s most important. It will be much calmer if you focus on only 3 activities. For my family this year we went to cut down a Christmas tree and we always go see some Christmas lights around town. I’m not sure what our third activity will be.
  2. Plan in Advance.

    1. Make sure that you know in advance all of your commitments. Pencil in when the kids are off school and when their Christmas concerts are. Decide before Thanksgiving whose house you are going to for Christmas. If your family loves the city’s Christmas tree lighting, find out when it is and clear your schedule.
    2. Set up your baking/cooking ahead of time as well. If you like to bake cookies, figure out what type and make a grocery list. Plan your holiday meal and add that to the grocery list as well. Buy ahead what you can to avoid the holiday rush.
  3. Finally, enjoy the small things.

    1. Drink some eggnog and listen to Christmas music while decorating your tree. Sit in the dark with your spouse with only the Christmas tree lights on. Have a snowball fight with your kids. Bake Christmas cookies. Whatever pleases you, just make sure it’s done at home and slowly.
    2. Check out my Etsy shop to pick up some great bath salts to get some much deserved me time!
    3. Need help relaxing? Look over my Resources for Busy Moms!

Mompreneur Life: My Interview on Mompreneur 411

Interview with Mompreneur 411

I was so honored to be interviewed by Mompreneur 411, a blog showcasing moms and creating a community around them. I have only been in mom boss mode for about 3 months now and it has been amazing! The support of other mom bosses is fantastic! It is truly community over competition! If you’re curious to how I started out and a bit more about me, go check it out.

farmhouse relaxing, mompreneur, mompreneur 411, mom boss, etsy shop


Go read the interview here.


Check out my very first blog post here!

Get some Christmas shopping while you’re here! My Etsy shop has everything you need!

Exfoliating Round Up

Last week I told you a few reasons why you needed to start exfoliating. This week I wanted to show what the rest of the internet had to say about exfoliating! I love to read different sources about the things that are interesting. Even before making my own body scrubs, I loved exfoliating! Oh my goodness, how I love how smooth my skin feels afterwards. I always buy body scrubs that smell delectable and give me that spa like experience at home! As a result, I end up having some great quality self-care time. I hope you enjoy these posts!

10 Things You Need to Know Before Exfoliating Your Face

spa day, exfoliating, relax, busy mom, stressed mom, self care

Should You Be Exfoliating In The Morning Or At Night?

night time, exfoliating, spa day, self care, mom time, mom life, stressed mom, relax

7 Top Notch Benefits of Exfoliating Your Skin

Different Keys To Youthful Skin

Essential Oils- Some Incredible Benefits

Is Chocolate Good For Your Skin? I Got A Chocolate Facial & My Face Has Seriously Never Looked Glowier


Let me know which article was your favorite and if there was anything that I missed! I love to get your opinion on the things I share! I will be posting about how to have your own spa day soon, so make sure to order your sugar scrubs now!

Check out my Etsy shop for all of your body scrub needs! As we are getting into the holiday season make sure you are connected to my shop so you can hear about all of the great sales I have going on first!


Sale – Huge News! Super Sale!

shopsmall250, holiday sale, christmas shopping, small business, support local business, Cincinnati Ohio, etsy shops

Happy Wednesday….complete with some big news as we gear up for Christmas shopping! 🎄 I’ve got a 30% off sale starting today! 🎉

Even more amazing is that I’ve teamed up 250 of some of the best small shops and we’re all using the same code: SHOPSMALL250

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Happy Holidays to everyone!


Resources for Busy Moms

My Interview with Mompreneur 411

Exfoliating: 3 Reasons To Try It Today!

If you are anything like me, you know that you need to take time for yourself. One of my favorite ways to pamper myself is by exfoliating my skin using a body scrub. It seems like women are finally taking time for themselves and getting a spa experience at home! Fantastic for those of us that can’t afford a spa day once a month! Body scrubs consist of an abrasive substance and some type of oil. They can be super elaborate or very simple. My favorite type of body scrubs are sugar scrubs! The cane sugar is a great consistency that isn’t too rough on your skin. The following are some benefits of exfoliating and using a body scrub in your weekly routine.

exfoliating, body scrubs, sugar scrubs, etsy shop, farmhouse relaxing bath and body, busy moms, stressed moms, self-care

  1. Relaxing – my favorite body scrubs also include essential oils in them that way I can get a relaxing experience while I’m scrubbing my skin. One of my favorite essential oil is lavender. It is one of the most relaxing smells on Earth to me. I buy as much as I can with a lavender scent. Everybody deserves to relax but I feel like most moms are overwhelmed and stressed out. I feel like taking just five minutes to themselves will help.
  2. Smoother Skin – you can use a body scrub all over your body. The sugar scrubs away dead skin cells and the oil moisturizes your skin, leaving it silky and smooth to the touch. I like to use a nice moisturizer afterwards to extend the smooth feeling.
  3. Closest Shave Ever – I recently discovered that if I use my body scrub prior to shaving that I can get a closer shave than normal since it is getting rid of the dead skin cells. I also don’t need to use as much shaving cream since it already lubricates my legs.

I have some amazing body scrubs in my Etsy shop that will help you to achieve the ultimate spa day! Currently I have lavender sugar scrub and vanilla pumpkin spice sugar scrub! I am also working on a peppermint sugar scrub that will make the perfect Christmas gift! What do you feel like you really deserve? Do something for yourself today and check out my Etsy shop!


Journal Prompts for Busy Moms

Life is so incredibly busy right now. It feels like you never get a spare moment to yourself. I know I personally feel like there are a million things running through my mind at any given time. One way to help this is to journal. You may be thinking of your secret diary during your teenage years but it can be much simpler. It is just a space for your thoughts to flow freely. Some of you may have no problem writing everyday, whatever is going on in your life. Hopefully it helps ease all the burdens on your mind. Others of us may think of this as another chore. You want me to add one more thing to my to-do list? Yeah right! I promise you it shouldn’t feel like something you have to do. I want you to consider this as a way to take care of yourself. To sit still for five minutes and breathe. I want you to focus on you and your thoughts.

journal prompts, busy moms, farmhouse relaxing bath and body

What should I write? This is what you are probably asking right now. There are millions of topics that you can explore with this. Some of you may like to do the same thing every week and others may want to do something different each day. You can also write whatever is at the top of your mind that day or plan it out in advance. The following are three topics to get you started.

  1. High/low for the week – we do this at our weekly staff meeting and I know a lot of families do this during dinner daily. Sometimes I don’t feel like I can be truly honest when it comes to this. At work, my low may be something going on there and I don’t want to complain in front of my boss. Maybe at home your husband is really getting on your nerves or your kids are really stressing you out. Doesn’t sound like bonding to me, does it? In your journal you can be 100% honest to what you are feeling.
  2. 3 things you are grateful for – This is a journal prompt that I think everyone should write on at least once. There is so much complaining and negativity in this world. It helps so much to focus on the good, even if it is just for five minutes. I’ve seen on Facebook how some people will do this for an entire month and I always am fascinated by what they write. It is so interesting to see what everyone is grateful for. Really dig deep on this. Some days it may just be that you woke up (which is a pretty amazing thing to be grateful for) but that may be the only thing.
  3. What one thing would you like to work on for the rest of this year – goals are an amazing thing and a good way to stay focused. It doesn’t need to be like a New Year’s Resolution or anything like that. But putting it on paper makes it more concrete. Maybe you can come back to it each week to check in or maybe you will just leave it as it is. This is your journal and it’s to help you in whatever way you need it to.

I think it would be amazing if you could journal every single day. Do I journal every day? No I do not but I would love to get started with it. I have journaled during some really hard transitions in my life and honestly it made all the difference. I think if you add this to your self care routine it will really help you. Even if you only write for five minutes a night, I know it will make a difference.

journaling, busy moms, stressed, relaxing

When you decide to journal doesn’t make a difference. Some moms may love to get up before everyone else in the morning and write. It will clear their minds and help start their day off right. Other moms will use it as a way to wind down and summarize the day. It will help them sleep better once they get their thoughts out on paper.

Let me know whether or not you journal and what are your favorite prompts.

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Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub – It’s Here!

It’s Here! Oh my goodness! I’ve waited so long to introduce you to my homemade vanilla pumpkin spice sugar scrub! I hope you will love it just as much as me! It smells so yummy and will make your skin feel absolutely amazing! What an amazing way to relax during fall and the holiday season! This body scrub is the best hostess gift ever! What hostess wouldn’t love her very own vanilla pumpkin spice sugar scrub? It smells just like your favorite pumpkin spice latte and mama’s pumpkin pie? I’m licking my lips right now!

Order my Homemade Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub Now!

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Homemade Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub

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